The Mediation Process

  • The Initial Appointment – During this session, Laura will explain the mediation process in detail and discuss your goals and expectations. If you have additional questions that need to be addressed independently, she will set a time to discuss with you one on one. 


  • Setting the Ground Rules – Although this is not an official court proceeding, mediation does include several legally enforceable ground rules, including the confidential nature of the meetings, full disclosure of all financial information, and the right to consult with your own attorney during the mediation process.


  • Starting the Paperwork – CMS will prepare the paperwork necessary to file the divorce with the court.


  • Reaching an Agreement – After the initial appointment, you will continue to meet with Laura on a periodic basis until a final agreement is reached. Depending on how you interact and communicate, this could take place in the same room, or separate rooms. Common issues discussed in mediation include child custody, parenting time (visitation), child support, asset and debt division, and spousal support.


  • Legal Information – Part of Laura's role is to present the legal knowledge to both parties so that they can make informed, educated decisions in the divorce process. As a neutral party, she will not offer legal advice, make any decisions, or pressure you to agree with any proposal. The decisions will be yours, and yours alone, to make. 


  • The Final Agreement – Once an agreement is reached, Laura will draft the judgment containing the details of the agreement and submit it to the court. Prior to signing, both parties retain the right to take the agreement to an attorney for a final review.

If you would like to discuss a personal family law issue with Attorney Laura Rosauer call us at  951-328-8400  or email here. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

Laura’s knowledge of what is required by law and her understanding of how family law works made the process less stressful and allowed us to work through any road blocks.
— Tina B.