Even after a divorce is finalized, your circumstances may change

If you need modifications to your current order, we are experienced in helping you make the needed changes through mediation.  

The most common modifications include:

  • Changes to Child Custody and Visitation – If your circumstances have changed or the current parenting plan is no longer in the best interests of the child, we can help you reach a new child custody and visitation agreement.
  • Changes to Child Support – If either parent's income has changed since the last court order (whether an increase or decrease in income), a parent receives bonus income, or one parent was laid off, furloughed or is not spending as much time with the children, these are all circumstances that can be grounds for a change in the child support order.
  • Changes to Spousal Support (Alimony) – If the supported spouse cohabitates, obtains employment or an increase in income, or the supporting spouse is laid off, retires, has a decrease in income, or any other material change in circumstances since the last support order, you can seek a modification to adjust the amount of spousal support to reflect this change.

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