The Facts about Mediation 

1. How much does mediation cost?  Compared to the traditional approach to divorce (court, lawyers), mediation costs much less. In many cases, divorce mediation can be handled on a flat-fee basis so there are no surprises. Compare the costs here.

2. How long does mediation take? That’s really up to you. The average mediation case takes only four hours total, but we’ll spend as much time as you need to come to an agreement. However, almost every mediated divorce takes less time than a traditional divorce.

3. Will mediation work for me? Chances are it will. In our experience, an agreement is reached in over 90 percent of mediated cases. Even if there is conflict, mediation can be helpful to open the lines of communication and resolve some of the issues in your divorce.

4. What if we can’t agree? If you cannot agree on every aspect of your divorce, you can still reach a partial agreement through mediation, saving you time and money.  If there are still some unresolved issues you can take those issues to court separately.

5. Is mediation confidential? Yes!  Your mediator is not allowed to divulge anything discussed in session to anyone, not even the court.

6. Isn’t mediation just for simple, uncomplicated divorces? That’s a common misconception. At CMS, we have used mediation to solve the most complicated divorces involving child custody, support, and property divisions. Even if you own a business together, mediation can help you accomplish the division of the business

7. Do I have to go to court?  No.  When you reach an agreement through mediation, everything will be handled in an informal setting without the need to go to court.

These are answers to common questions from people considering mediation for their divorce. Please contact us here or call us at 951-328-8400 if you have further questions or would like to set up a FREE consultation at our family law office in Riverside, CA.