You are getting a divorce and just want to move on with your life.  You are looking to get your divorce done as quickly and inexpensive as possible.  Why hire an attorney and go to court if you don’t have to?  In these situations, couples may find themselves in the office of a paralegal or document preparation service, with the hope of getting their divorce over with as fast and cheap as possible.

Paralegals have some general knowledge of the law.  In law firms, they work under the direction of a lawyer and prepare paperwork.  But a paralegal does not have the intense education, depth of legal knowledge or experience that is needed for couples going through a divorce.  Time and again, divorcing couples have come to us to “fix” the errors that were made by paralegals or document preparation services.  In an effort to get through the divorce process as quickly and inexpensive as possible, these couples actually ended up spending more time and money in the long run. 

Whether your divorce is simple or complex, you still have an affordable option when it comes to getting a divorce.   When you decide to use divorce mediation, you get a highly trained and certified family law mediator, who also has extensive knowledge and experience as a family law attorney.  The mediator will provide you with information and options as she works closely with you so that you can make the decisions that are best for you and your family.  Even if you have already met with a paralegal service or attorney, you can still mediate to ensure that your divorce is done the right way, at a substantial financial savings.

Don’t risk putting your divorce in the hands of someone that is not trained or legally qualified to help you.  Contact us for a FREE consultation to see how mediation is the better way to get a divorce.