In California, child support is based on a specific math formula called “Guideline”.  This formula takes into account both parties’ incomes, time spent with the children, and a few other factors (such as health insurance premiums and union dues).  California Mediation Solutions is experienced in taking couples through the process of accurately defining child support figures and understanding the facts surrounding these formulas and guidelines.  Different counties utilize different computer programs such as Dissomaster or XSpouse and CMS will utilize the correct program to help parties arrive at a fair agreement that is in everyone’s best interest. 


CMS can also help guide both parties through other support-related issues such as:

  • Which spouse will provide health insurance for the children?
  • How should we pay for the children’s extra-curricular activities?
  • How should we split the cost of daycare? 

Other Changes to Child Support – If either parent’s income has changed since the last court order (whether an increase or decrease in income), or a parent was laid off, furloughed or is not spending enough time with the children, these are all circumstances that can be grounds for a change in the child support.

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