December is an exciting month full of family, fun, and holiday happenings.

It’s also a time of year where we reflect on all that’s happened over the past 12 months and we begin to look towards January and our hopes for the New Year. This is especially true if we’ve had any big major changes in our life over the last year, which includes divorce or separation.

We’ve covered topics this year from co-parenting to dating after divorce to learning to take better care of your self during hard times.

As you reflect on your year, I invite you to revisit some of the important topics we covered that are even more important during the crazy holiday season -


On taking care of yourself during divorce

You can’t be there for others and support everyone around you if you aren’t taking good care of yourself first. Establishing some practices and tools for ensuring your own health and needs are being met will help keep stress at bay, whether it’s related to the season or daily life. Make yourself a priority with tips from the two articles below.

The four tips specifically for your physical health and wellbeing will help ensure you are at your best and ready to take on any stress that comes your way:

If the goal is to feel good, nothing threatens to shatter that more than big life transitions like divorce. This blog covers how you can use a practice of focusing on how you want to feel to navigate divorce in a totally new way:


On co-parenting

If December and the holidays brings up lots of stress around co-parenting, the articles below will help you navigate some hot topics and keep things cool with your ex.

How to handle heated arguments with your ex and work to keep things as amicable as possible:

Helpful tips on co-parenting during summer vacation that also apply to the holidays and winter break:


On Being Single during the Holidays

If this is your first holiday season single, you may be experiencing a lot of change – from where you spend the holidays to creating new traditions to feeling lonelier than usual. This time of year seems to be more emotional for all of us, especially those who have gone through such a big transition. The blogs below address topics specifically for singles.

Written in February, this blog also applies to a time of year where you see couples all around you. How to keep calm during all the romance of the season:

If you’re dating again or ready to tip your toe back in the waters, I discussed the good, bad, and ugly of dating after divorce here:

If you’ve gone through divorce and subsequent breakups, this blog addresses some common themes you may be experiencing:


On preparing for a separation in 2015:

January is the most popular month to file for separation, so you may be already planning your exit strategy for once the holiday cheer is over. These articles will help you get started and begin to prepare you for the road ahead.

Set the tone of your separation with these four tips:

Written in July, a month of celebrating independence, I discuss how to set boundaries and communicate openly with your ex so you can establish your own life apart from your relationship:


Regardless of your situation, California Mediation solutions is here to provide expertise and support in this highly sensitive and complex life transition. Our intention is to empower clients through mediation so they have the best experience possible. We look forward to continue serving the Riverside community in 2015!