Mediation is a transparent, neutral, equal process for both parties. When we conduct divorce mediations at our Riverside office, we offer a free consultation not just so you can get to know us, but so we can determine if you are a good candidate for mediation.

Here are some signs you aren’t ready to start mediation: 

·      Refusal to disclose – If you don’t want to show your financial paperwork or you don’t want to share documents, then you will not be able to make it through mediation. As said before, mediation takes transparency and a working together of both parties.

·      Desire for retribution – If you want to make the other person “pay” for what has happened, mediation will prove to be rather difficult. It takes a level of compromise to move through the process.  

·      Uncertainty – If you are uncertain about getting a legal separation or divorce, your ambivalence will stall out the mediation process. Get clarity first and then start the process when you are confident about your decision.

If you feel mediation might be for you, we offer a FREE consultation. We look forward to meeting you!