Divorce mediation is not just for people that completely agree on everything all the time. Even some of the most difficult divorces can be helped through mediation. Child custody is always an emotional issue. Many concerns arise over what is best for the child and how the child will be impacted by the divorce. I wanted to give you an example of a case I mediated to show what mediation can do for custody.

Situation: A couple came to CMS with a highly emotional situation regarding who would receive custody of their son.  There was a lack of communication between the couple and a disparity in the amount of time the son was spending with each parent. This caused a lot of stress on the child and the parents. Resolution: CMS conducted several mediation sessions with the couple and also brought in an outside therapist to working  with the child.  Through mediation, the couple was able to arrive at a custody and visitation plan that was fair and worked well for both parents and the child. 

The lack of communication is often the most difficult hurdle to overcome on your own. That is why a mediator is there to help facilitate the conversation and address the issues that often couples want to avoid. Avoidance only causes more problems in the long run. This couple came in feeling as though nothing could fix the issue. Imagine that hopelessness. But with mediation, their options opened up and they, not a judge, decided what would work best for their family. 

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