You have decided to divorce and now you are deciding what to split up between the two of you. Divorce is more than just splitting housewares and bank accounts, some couples own their own businesses together as well. If this is you,  mediation can help. Let me show you how with an example of one of our clients. 

I worked with A couple that owned a retail business which spanned several states and had an extensive P & L. This couple really didn't know what to do with their business. The options felt overwhelming.  Should they sell the business?  Would one party take the business?  How would they allocate the business debts and assets?

After several meetings with the couple to review their case, I made a recommendation to the couple to involve outside professionals (forensic accountant, business attorney). Through the mediation process, the professionals collaborated on this case and presented all facts and options to the couple. As a result, the couple was able to work through a complicated situation, determine the value of the business as well as determine specific ways to allocate the business that worked well for both parties. Additionally, this couple was able to stay out of court and resolve their issues with much less time and expense than a traditional litigated process.

Sometimes getting divorced involves getting help from several experts, not just an attorney. We get the right resources for our clients to help them make complicated decisions.

AuthorKelly Higdon