When do people decide to get divorced? The answer varies for every couple and for every situation. However, there are common trends in the time of year when people begin to file. January is one of the busiest months for filing. The holiday months tend to be rather slow. People are just trying to get through the holidays together, not wanting to ruin the experience for their families because they are divorcing. After the holidays, reality hits and a couple finds themselves back in their same situation, typically unaffected by the holidays (though some hope that will resolve their problems.) Couples also take into consideration the tax laws. Filing together can often be of benefit to both parties. Because of this, some couples wait until the new year so they can have the tax benefit of filing jointly. Also, it can actually become part of a New Year's resolution. The New Year presents itself full of possibility and with that change. People want a better life, health, or relationship. This is hard to accomplish if you are in a marriage that is unhappy. 
But how do you decide what is best for you? 
Regardless of the trends, this is your life and your marriage. You get to call the shots and decide when to get divorced. But first you may want to ask yourself a few questions. Have you done all you can to save the marriage? It is true, people can reconnect and fall in love again. But for some couples this takes an intensive commitment and effort to turn their sinking ship around. Counseling, marriage boot camps, and other resources exist for people giving it their final shot at fixing the relationship. Do you have support? Going through a divorce is stressful. It is important that you have the adequate support you need to get you through it. Friends, family, clergy, and others need to be on your team to help you rally. What is your financial situation? You may want to consult with your financial planner and decide if you can afford to divorce right now or if there might be some advantage to waiting. The more assets and debts a couple has, the more there is to consider in timing. Do you know your options? Most people don't know mediation is even an option. In our Riverside office, couples come in wanting to litigate, but we find with some education, they realize they can mediate for less money and less hassle. 
Find out your options and do what is best for you. Feel free to schedule a consultation to decide if mediation is best for you. Contact Laura Rosauer, divorce attorney here