When you think of an attorney, most likely you don't think of them being very neutral. Unlike in litigation where each person has their own attorney to side with them, a good divorce mediator takes no sides. Why? Without neutrality, mediation cannot happen. It is necessary to keep the trust of all parties involved. Here is what a neutral mediator looks like:
-Informative - Mediators should provide you with information about the law. They can educate both of you on what is legal and reasonable in the eyes of the court. This can help you come to a fair decision.
-Ethical - The mediation process is created to benefit the clients, not the attorneys. There is no extension of the process for the sake of gain on the attorney's behalf. A neutral mediator has no interest in extending the divorce process longer than is absolutely necessary.
-Consistent - A neutral mediator will be consistent with their boundaries. They will not withhold information from the other party. They will always remain neutral. They stay level headed and do not let their own personal views or emotions get in the way of the process. 
-Empowering - A divorce mediator is not there to make the decision for you. They will empower you to make the decision that is best for you and your family. If you have a mediator telling you what you must do (unless it is information about the law) then that mediator is taking away the benefit of divorce mediation  - coming to a resolution on your own terms.  
Is it possible to be neutral? Yes! That is what a divorce mediator is trained to do. We have a different mindset and know how to stay neutral. We do not believe in showing favoritism to one person over the other. Both parties are important and deserve to be heard and understood. If you have questions about mediation, give us a call or contact us here for more information.