After the process of the divorce, you might think that you would be glad it is over. However, some people experience a serious let down, a sense of bewilderment, wondering what the next step is in their life. The divorce process might have been all consuming or a great outlet to channel your frustrations and fears. Once that is done, it is important to have a plan in place for your future. Moving on is still a part of the divorce process. Here are some tips to help you!
  • Get support - There are programs such as divorce care or  in Riverside there are meet up groups for people to support each other post-divorce. You may want to try counseling for more individualized support and care to help you process what has happened and what you want for your life now. 
  • Do something new- Now is the time to try a new activity, hobby, or volunteer. Divorce can be draining. Putting joy back in your life is an important part of healing. What better way then to stretch yourself and be a little adventurous. 
  • Nurture relationships - During the divorce your social life and familial ties might have been neglected or strained. Schedule some time with your family or friends. Plan a fun activity or just get together for a meal. Especially if you have children, life hasn't stopped for them, and they need to continue to connect with people that are close to them. Take care of your kids. Make sure that they are finding ways to move on and cope with their new reality.
  • Change your thinking - Divorce still has some stigma. You get to decide what being divorced means to you. Check how you think about being divorced. Your thoughts directly impact your mood and perception of reality. If you can see this as a new beginning, you might find more opportunities ahead. 
  • Modifications - Be flexible to the changes that lie ahead. Just because your divorce is complete, things can always go back into mediation or court to be modified.  Post Judgment modifications exist as a tool for you to take care of yourself. Be open to doing a modification in the future if you need it.  
We hope you find this helpful or if you know someone going through a divorce that you share these tips. We are here to help you. Contact us if you have questions or need a consult in how mediation can ease you through the divorce process.