Recently we had the opportunity to donate to Women Helping Women (WHW) for their annual clothing drive. The suits donated go to disadvantaged job seekers reach their goal of employment and financial self sufficiency. There is a great joy in helping others and this is something that should be shared with our children. 
One of the things we know to be true is that children learn through example. We talk a lot about how to divorce impacts children, but so does how you co-parent. As parents, we are charged to not only teach children what not to do, but what to most value in this world. 
We have all had our own hard times and how we get through difficulty is by relying on the support of others, whether it be through friendship or other tangible ways.  We are reminded that we cannot make it in this world alone. When co-parenting, it is important to discuss the values that you want to impart upon your children. Whether you want them to learn compassion, kindness, charity, love, or empathy, donating items is one way to do this. Some parent encourage their children to set aside toys to give to other children in need. Whatever your visitation schedule, using that time to do something together as a family is so valuable. Your children will learn more by doing an activity with you than by hearing you talk about it. Here are some ideas of what you can do with your family:
  • Connect Riverside is an excellent hub that can help you find the right opportunity to volunteer for your family
  • Circle of Hope Family Shelter accepts clothing donations and volunteers for their nightly dinners
  • Salvation Army - Accepts donations and volunteers
  • Practice random acts of kindness - purchase the groceries of someone in line behind you, take a toy to a neighbor with children, bring flowers to someone that is homebound or for more ideas check this out
  • Corona Norco Settlement House - donate food or money, or call them to see if they could use a pair of helping hands
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter
Whatever you chose to do, plan it and make it happen! We would like to thank the following law offices for their donations: