Mediation is a process of collaboration between two people. Divorce is never easy but if it can be done with a bit more dignity and resolve, the end result is surprisingly different than if you went to court with litigation. It saves time, costs less and preserves your emotional health and well-being. But what does it take for mediation to be successful? Here are 4 key elements to consider:

  • A mediator you trust – Trusting your mediator is one of the first and foremost requirements for a successful mediation. Do your research and find out their credentials, experience and reviews. Most mediators offer a free consultation (we do!) to give you the opportunity to get to know them better. Take advantage of the consult and make sure it is someone that both of you feel comfortable with and can agree upon.
  • A common goal – For mediation to work, both of you need to want to get divorced as amicably as possible. If one person is ambivalent and doesn’t want to go through the process or the other person is angry and wants their partner to feel how bad it is for them, mediation might be difficult.
  • Communication – We don’t ask that you be friends in order to go through mediation, you just need to be willing to communicate about what you want and what you believe is fair. If you hide or withhold information, the mediation will not progress. Be open and honest to the point needed to get through the divorce process.
  • Flexibility – You might have in mind what you want from the divorce. The key to a successful mediation is to be flexible and open to other possibilities. We as mediators want to help you find what is most fair as you come to an agreement. If you are unwilling to compromise, then mediation might not be for you.

We see the benefits of mediation on a daily basis. Still not sure mediation is for you? If you live in Riverside, San Bernardino or Orange County, we would love for you to take advantage of our free consultation with attorney and certified mediator Laura Rosauer. Contact us here for more information.